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30 September 2019- Proposal Deadline for Drone Hackathon
21  October 2019, MITEC Kuala Lumpur
8.00am-11.00pm- Drone Hackathon
8.00am-5.00pm- Global Drone Conference 
10.00am-4.00pm - Drone Exhibition
22 October 2019, MITEC Kuala Lumpur
8.00am-3.00pm- Drone Hackathon
8.00am-4.00pm- Global Drone Conference and Hackathon Prize Giving
10.00am-4.00pm- Drone Exhibition
ISDEX2020, Langkawi
30 November 2019- ISDEX2020 Call for Papers Deadline
13-15 July 2019
Space Track: 9.00am-5.00pm- Space 4.0 Conference
Defence Track: 8.00am-12.00pm - Electronic Warfare Forum 
12.00pm-4.30pm- Electronic Warfare Simulations 
8.00am-4.30pm- Space & Defence Expo
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Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister's Office

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Three Growing Sectors.

The Flight of Drones

"Drone" - the layman might think they are either military drones used to tackle insurgents, or alternatively quadcopters with on-board cameras used by videographers. However, the use of drones for commercial purposes is expanding. For instance, Amazon has popularised the concept of drones for delivering small parcels to cover the ‘last-mile’ of a delivery.

The aerospace industry is also exploring the use of drones to provide inspections of commercial aircraft. With traditional technology, visual inspections can take up to six hours, but drones could significantly reduce the amount of time and provide increased accuracy and ease of documentation. 

In the communications industry, drones are playing a consequential role in distributing critical information at the edge of the network and, additionally, auxiliary for deploying Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks in remote locations.

In the defence industry, drones with cameras are currently being used to provide security surveillance. These drones are normally manually controlled to patrol a certain area, enabling the operator to identify any illicit activity. 

As a prelude to the International Space & Defence Expo (ISDEX2020), the Global Drone Conference, located in Malaysia, the heart of Asia, is an international conference for the Asian drone industry to explore strategies for the efficient use of UAV. Key figures from the fields of politics, law-making, academia, industry and business come together to discuss the way forward for achieving acceptance and devising solutions for the safe and effective commercial use of unmanned aircraft in Asia.

The Future of Space and Defence in Asia 

The INTERNATIONAL SPACE AND DEFENCE EXPO (ISDEX2020), was created to fill the vacuum in the South East Asia (SEA) region, which has predominately been the domain of the US, Europe, China, India and Japan. The Asia region with its vast population and diversity in human background, needs an alternative and fresh perspective in the defence and space industry.

ISDEX2020 envisions to become a national and international reference in matters related to space business, technology & innovation, cyber defence, cyber security, communications and electronic warfare.

The expo highlights two areas in the sector -The Future of Electronic Warfare and Space Innovation. Themed “The Future of Electronic Warfare” and “Understanding Space 4.0”.

This expo will prepare us for what comes next with the debate of Defence and Space issues that bridges the gap between the Armed Forces and Public Security, industry sectors, academia, public and private institutions, society and the governments within Asia. 

Driving the Space Sector

In the era where Malaysia is heading towards the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT),the reliance on space capabilities in daily activities, modernization of the state and economic development has increased accordingly. The demand on data, images and information obtained from satellites are seen to transform the existing services and industry into new industry. The wide usage of space technology and application in all sectors especially in era of IoT and liquid data where the usage of internet applications has become double, has bring huge potential to space sector to contribute as one of the economic contributor to Malaysia. With this trend and development, Malaysia aims to have access and utilize fully the space capabilities.

Never before has ASIA hosted a Space Expo. ISDEX2020 creates a platform for international space companies to discover new space technology engineering and manufacturing towards Space 4.0.

This event will help to enhance your understanding of the challenges and opportunities of implementing industry 4.0 technologies into the space supply chain and onto the manufacturing floor, and network with thousands of professionals working in this space.

Advancing Defence Technologies

Defence technologies today is much more agile, stealthier and complicated than what it used to be during cold war era.  The understanding of emerging technologies especially Electronic Warfare is very much untapped. 

The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) forecast, “Global Electronic Warfare Market Forecast: 2014 - 2024,” forecasts spending on global electronic warfare systems and services will grow to over $18.7 billion in 2024, representing a CAGR of 3.7%.

Never before has there been an expo featuring a fully simulated Electronic Warfare showcase 
-until now. ISDEX2020 features electronic warfare simulators and trainers designed to simulate an electromagnetic environment on a giant screen for public viewing. Delegates can then operate simulated receiver equipment that behaves like the real thing in real life.